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Equipment and components for ozone therapy

Oxygen Concentrator Folee Y007-5W

    Oxygen concentrator Y007-5W produces air mixture with high oxygen concentration and is used for the treatment of respiratory diseases, respiratory and heart failure, hypoxia, postoperative rehabilitation. This device can be part of the equipment of medical institutions of various profiles, intensive care wards, postoperative rooms. Compactness and ease of use and care allow using the concentrator at home. The device can be used as an auxiliary device in the absence of a centralized oxygen supply system.

    • Oxygen-air mixture flow rate: 0.5-5 l / min.
    • Outlet pressure: 0.02MPa ~ 0.07MPa
    • Compressor relief valve unloading pressure: 280 kPa ± 50 kPa
    • Noise level: ≤50dB
    • Max. atomization rate: ≥0.1ml / min. (for model with nebulizer function)
    • Nebulizer drug particle size (for nebulizer model): 6.5 μm
    • Power supply: 230V ± 22V, 50Hz / 60Hz ± 1Hz
    • Input power: 400VA
    • Electrical Classification: Class II, Type B
    • Working system: Continuous working
    • Oxygen-air mixture outlet temperature: ≤46 ° С
    • Flow values in liters per minute at a maximum permissible flow rate at a back pressure of 7 kPa: 0.7 l / min.
    • Nominal concentration of the oxygen-air mixture in the obtained gas at a flow of 2 l / min: 87-90%
    • The value of the concentration of the oxygen-air mixture in the resulting gas, at the maximum recommended flow: 87-92%
    • Indication of the time during which the operating mode of the switched on oxygen-air mixture concentrator is established: ≈ 2-3 sec.
    • Operating conditions:
    • Ambient temperature: 5 ° C ~ 40 ° C
    • Relative humidity: ≤80%
    • Atmospheric pressure: 860 hPa ~ 1060 hPa
    • Dimensions: 43 x 25 x 39 cm;
    • Weight: 18 kg.

    Oxygen concentrator Armed 9F-3BW

      The compact oxygen concentrator Armed 9F-3BW with a capacity of up to 3 l / min is designed to maintain the oxygen level in the blood at the required level. The design of the concentrator does not include oxygen cylinders, which means that its operation is completely safe.

      The oxygen concentrator is additionally equipped with an air outlet, thanks to which aerosol inhalation can also be carried out.
      • Noise level (no more) 42 dB
      • Mains frequency 50 ± 1 Hz
      • Air flow (capacity) at the outlet for inhalation 10-13 l / min
      • Air flow (capacity) at the KVS outlet 0-3 l / min
      • Time for the concentrator to reach the operating mode 3 min
      • Concentration of KVS at the outlet at maximum performance ≥ 93%
      • Maximum outlet pressure for inhalation 150 ± 4.5 kPa
      • Humidifier volume (no more) 250 ± 25 ml
      • Mains power supply 220 ± 22 V
      • Average power consumption 230 W
      • Overall dimensions WxHxD: 200 mm X 395 mm X 315 mm

      Oxygen concentrator Folee Y007-3W

      Folee Y007-3W is an excellent model designed for the prevention and treatment of mild forms of oxygen deficiency. With a rather small weight of 14 kg, it is able to produce highly concentrated oxygen with a flow of up to 3 l / min.

      Also, this model of the oxygen concentrator provides the possibility of long-term operation (up to 20 hours/day) and is created in a modern design. The built-in humidifier of oxygen guarantees its safety and working capacity.

      • Oxygen output 0.5 - 3 l/min
      • Maximum oxygen concentration 95%
      • Country of origin China
      • Noise level ≤ 60 dB
      • Weight 14 kg
      • Power consumption 300 W
      • Overall dimensions 375 x 330 x 600 mm
      • Electrical safety l class, Type B
      • Pressure relief device yes
      • Operating voltage 220 V, 50 Hz

      It is used for therapeutic, prophylactic and rehabilitation purposes in medical institutions of various profiles, as well as at home or in a medical hospital.
      Service life is 10 years, subject to the rules of operation and maintenance! This speaks to the quality and reliability of the hub!

      Ozone synthesizer А-с-ГОКСФ-5-04 -"OZON"

        Ozone synthesizer A-c-GOKSF-5-04 "OZON" is designed to produce an ozone-oxygen mixture from medical oxygen at the outlet from 0 to 30 mg / l at an oxygen consumption of 0.2 to 1.0 l / min. The maximum concentration is reached at an oxygen flow rate of less than 0.2 l / min. It is effectively used in ozone therapy (ozone O3 gas is generated by the ozone synthesizer A-c-GOKSF-5-04- "OZONE" and is used as a disinfectant. It is injected into the joints and subcutaneous tissue in pure form, can also be injected by mixing with saline, into the bloodstream (autohemotherapy).
        AC supply voltage, V 220 Frequency, Hz 50 Power consumption, W 75 Maximum operating time without interruption, hours 8 Time setting discreteness, sec 1 Warranty, months. 12 Net weight, kg 3 Gross weight, no more than 3.5 kg Dimensions without packaging, mm 230x225x80
        It is easily transported, simple and convenient in work, has high reliability. They guarantee the purity of the ozone-oxygen mixture, allow effective, safe, dose-dependent treatment in a wide range of ozone concentrations.
        At your request, the ozonizer can be additionally equipped with an analyzer of ozone concentration in liquid and gaseous media and a basic set of accessories for ozone therapy procedures.

        Documentation for ozone therapy equipment

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