Ozone therapy

is a type of physiotherapeutic treatment in medicine that involves the use of an active form of oxygen - ozone (O3), which is generated by special medical devices - ozonizers.
It is used externally, injected into the joints and into the subcutaneous tissue in its pure form, and injected into the bloodstream, mixing with saline and / or the patient's blood (autohemotherapy).
The procedure allows you to saturate “weak” spots with active oxygen, accelerate the process of their regeneration, overcome diseases, rejuvenate and strengthen the body, improve immunity, overcome bacterial, viral and fungal infections, and get rid of toxins.
Ozone therapy has a wide range of effects, has a bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, immunomodulatory, antihypoxic, detoxifying effect, is well tolerated and has practically no side effects; in complex therapy, medical ozone reduces the duration of treatment and promotes the fastest recovery.